Monday, 5 July 2010

degree show feedback!

some lovely feedback from my degree show:

I saw the Dressing room after seeing a man reach in and get a glass filled with red wine. I told myself I would walk round and avoid whatever was inside a bit like not putting your hand in a rockpool incase you get bitten.
I have been given a second chance to live my life over so I do tell myself to face my fears.
Leaning in I was welcomed, encouraged to sit down having such low self esteem I felt honored to wait for this performance -one that never happened.
doesn't time move so quickly, I am looking down and I feel that fondness I used to get sitting at my girlfriends dressing table. Sequins and glitter are stuck to me, I sort of hope to take this away, what was a dream in real life was even more real.
I felt excited about the performance, included, a part of.
It never happened- look at me, part of me is still waiting.
I used to get sick violently and red dotted patterns would appear on my face.
I started to simulate them ,paint them on when I wasn't sick
I hated having to leave so unresolved. What seemed so sugary sweet so fairy tale romantic started slipping away like at a party alone and no one wants to talk to you.
I left the building it seems for the last time..leaving behind what was tied up in a 5 minute parcel maybe holiday romance now over.
I was so struck emotionally I wanted to understand the drama I felt inside
I have spent alot of time in dressing rooms waiting,
Thankyou for the experience quite unlike any other of my life.

Chris Smith.

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